Why The Ward 1 Election Matters: 

Akron's Ward 1 race is the sole City election on the ballot this November. This vote is critical to preserving and advancing progress in the heart of Akron-  along with the ecosystem of communities surrounding it.

The Ward 1 footprint includes downtown Akron‘s Main Street, the University of Akron campus, the West Exchange and West Market Street corridors, West Hill, Highland Square, Merriman Hills, the eastern side of Akron’s Merriman Valley (including Theiss Woods), and part of former Northampton, to West Bath. Whether you live, work, or play in Akron or Summit County – Ward 1 is a part of your orbit.

Nancy Holland understands and cares about the threads that tie each of these unique communities together:  the roots that ground each neighborhood, and the importance of their connection to each other. The outcome of this race is crucial to keeping conversations moving and to keep advancing progress momentum that will impact Ward 1 and beyond - and to help spread the word and let everyone know that our voices, and votes, matter.